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  Welcome to RiverHillBand.com This is the band web site for the River Hill Band. The River Hill Band is based out River Hill High School in Clarksville, MD. The band has been in operation since 1996.  The bands are under the direction of Mr. Steven Wampler.
If you would like to help work on the page, Contact Me.


This site is my baby, my pride and joy. It has gone though many changes and draws over 1000 visitors from 24 countries. It is more extensive and better designed then when it was first put online a couple years ago. I took it down in anger and annoyance, and I have decided to put it back up because it is my work. My time my energy that went into making this site what it is/was. I would love to continue to expand it to include the entire River Hill Music Dept. but in order to do that I need cooperation from students, parents and faculty in those areas. Please help me help you. So that this may be site for all to gather and share info. All I have to say is RIVERHILLBAND.COM is online again!

What's going on, with the site.
Putting it back online.


Pat Gill
Winner of the Frazzled Tech Award
@ 2001 Away Band Camp



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